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Mission Statement

Vision: We are a suicide prevention and mental health education non-profit and LLC organization committed to suicide awareness and mental health education. We are striving to provide guidance to those who are in a dark place.

Mission: We are not a counseling group; we are a group of Mental Health advocates that come together to uplift the community and/or the individual to create an informed society to eliminate suicide.

Goal: We are focused on providing information and care to the individual, family, and community needs by way of resources such as educational classes, partnered counseling, and advocate services.


Hello everyone! Starting from the beginning, my name is Tera McDonald and I am the founder of Transpire Mental Health and Suicide Awareness Group. Let’s give you a little of the back story of how we started up and where we are now!

We began our journey of becoming a non-profit, family-oriented group in may of 2016. The reason I started this group is because I have experienced suicide on personal level – I have had 10 friends commit suicide successfully. When I say successfully that means they are no longer here unfortunately, and I have talked many others out of committing suicide that are still alive till this day. I had a friend that dealt with depression and anxiety for a very long time. That was four years ago, then as the years passed, more of my friends committed suicide. I am 24 and I have lost more friends from overdoses and suicide than from traditional deaths such as car accidents or illnesses. I’ve always thought about having an organization but I did not know what I wanted. As I grew older it became more prevalent than ever that a mental health and suicide awareness group was very much needed.

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