Mental Health and Re-entry Program Services

Transpire Mental Health is a mental health education and suicide prevention Non-profit and LLC that offers re-entry programs and prevention classes to educate the community on de-escalation of mental health crises. We are aimed towards making the community educated, assuring that we are understanding of those that have commit suicide, and helping those that are thinking about committing suicide to seek help and counseling.

We invite the whole community to participate in this group; those who have lost a family member or friend, and we invite families to celebrate the life of a loved one who has commit suicide. We are focused on providing information and care to the individual, family and community needs by way of resources such as counseling, spiritual care and emotional support care.

Transpire Mental Health specializes in aftercare services and re-entry programs for patients that have been post-discharged from hospitalization, incarceration, and rehabilitation.

Students of Effective Change

Students of Effective Change is an internship program offered by Transpire Mental Health that helps increase students hands-on experience within their chosen field of social work.

Shutting Out the Dark

Shutting Out the Dark is an education program that provides classes to the community. It teaches to help de-escalate suicidal ideations and increases knowledge about mental health. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to grow this program in 2019.


Bridge is a re-entry program within Transpire Mental Health that assist individuals that are coming out of hospitals, incarceration and rehabilitation. The program offers a one-on-one approach towards re-entry, and the client is paired with a Transpire Mental Health advocate. Transpire Mental Health’s advocates assist the client for one year with resources in their local community, helping to return them back to activities of daily living. The clients are able to gain employment, housing, and education resources to help them achieve their goals and a healthier life.

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